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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  July 14, 2015 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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le but her family's faith will help them get through the pain of losing her. and you can get my takes on my facebook page and my op-ed about faith right now at thank you so much for being part of "the real story" today. i'm gretchen carlson. here is shep. so is it a good deal or not? this deal with the rest of the world against iran. it depends on who you ask. >> i believe this is a historic moment. >> this is a bad mistake. of historic proportions. >> somebody is wrong. today we'll look at exactly what's in this deal, the concessions iran had to make and what they mean, how it affects the arms race in the mideast, and whether congress can really derail the whole thing despite president obama's veto threat. plus, the boston police captain's son who is accused of turning to terror. the feds say he plotted to murder students in a college cafeteria. in minutes he's due in a massachusetts courtroom.
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it's a busy day. let's get to it. >> and now shepard smith reporting live from the fox news desk. first this tuesday afternoon, after weeks of working day and night to reach this historic deal, now could come the hardest part convincing congress and the american people that the world is really safer. iran and six world powers finally reached an agreement aimed at limiting iran's nuclear production and in exchange iran will eventually -- eventually -- get relief from its painful economic punishment. the nearly 100-page agreement is filled with fine points, and i want to get through all of them with you. here is how it breaks down, the big ones. the deal requires iran to cut its stockpile of uranium by 98%. iran also must cut the number of centrifuges it now uses. cut that by 70%. iran's underground nuclear site loses half its centrifuges and becomes a research facility. the agreement also stops iran
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from building any more major reactors for the next 15 years. and in exchange the united states, europe, and, really the rest of the world or at least the united nations will lift up -- lift some of the crippling economic punishments. if iran follows through on its end the u.n. will lift its ban on weapons sales to iran and by iran within five years. and end a ban on missile sales to iran within eight years. now in order to get those bans lifted iran has to allow inspectors open access to nuclear sites certainly and some access to military sites with advanced notice. but iran can challenge the inspector's request and an arbitration board is to decide. the board's members come from iran and the six countries that negotiated the agreement. so who is for and against it? it's about what you would think. republicans in congress say the deal doesn't go far enough. lawmakers have 60 days to review it but analysts say will have a very tough time
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overriding the president's veto. today president obama warned congress do not stand in the way. >> this is not the time for politics or posturing. tough talk from washington does not solve problems. hard-nosed diplomacy, leadership that has united the world's major powers offers a more effective way to verify that iran is not pursuing a nuclear weapon. >> yet one of the deal's biggest opponents is not in congress but halfway around the world and not far from iran. the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu has argued against letting iran keep any nuclear program. and today he promised israel will do whatever it takes to stay safe. >> what a stunning historic mistake. israel is not done -- is not bound by this deal with iran, and israel is not bound by this deal with iran because iran continues to seek our destruction.
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we will always defend ourselves. >> prime minister netanyahu remarked that iran held its annual anti-israeli rally last week even as negotiators were hard at work. thousands marched in the streets burning american flags and chanting death to america, death to israel, as they always do. the white house says today the prime minister spoke with president obama on the phone. think how that must have been. prime minister benjamin netanyahu, president obama on the phone with each other after this decision. and the white house says that the president told him that the united states is committed to israel's security. the president also noted that defense secretary carter will travel to israel next week and here at home a reminder of what's at stake. the president's pick to be the next vice chairman of the joint chiefs of staff today testified in congress that iran is one of our nation's biggest threats. we have team fox coverage of the world's top story today beginning with rich edson live in vienna. iranian officials say this could be the starting point for a new
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foundation of trust. >> well, shep, there is a long history of disagreements between the united states and iran when it comes to our relations with the syrian regime. assad's regime when it comes to the problems ongoing in yemen and other issues ongoing in the region. we spoke with secretary of state john kerry and asked whether this means a new chapter in relations between the united states and iran. kerry basically says no. >> the world would welcome a change in the relationship with iran. there's no question about that. but i'm not going to prognosticate. this is a nuclear deal, and we're not negotiating other things. >> reporter: also where the u.s. and iran are at odds a handful of u.s. citizens in iran being held by that regime. senior administration officials say secretary of state john kerry brought that up in the negotiations, but releasing them is not part of this deal, shep.
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>> they would probably say history is iran cheats. what happens if and when iran cheats? >> reporter: well if and when iran cheats, first off, it gets no sanctions relief unless international inspectors can verify that they have rolled back a significant portion of what is essentially their centrifuges and have exported their enriched uranium and, also, the u.s. is part of the u.n. security council, can basically put a halt to that sanctions relief but still, there are a number of skeptics particularly in congress who say this deal is not strong enough on that and concedes way too much up front for iran for reaching this agreement and could very well hide some sort of covert development when it comes to a nuclear program. of course the obama administration disagrees with that, shep. >> rich edson thank you. let's bring in jim walsh, a research associate at m.i.t. he's also one of the few americans who has actually traveled to both iran and north korea for talks with officials about nuclear sites. jim nice to see you. >> good to see you, shep.
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>> we're at a breakout point is a big deal. it would take two months to build a nuke. under this agreement it would take them a year. what are the rest of your highlights, if you would? >> i think you pointed to some of them. the big reduction in the amount of enriched uranium they get to keep in their own territory. they have ten bombs of material. again, the material has to be enriched. they have enough 3% if they did that they could make ten bombs. that's not true after this agreement that gets blended down, shipped out and they get down to under one bomb's worth of material. i think the inspection and verification. this is the strongest inspection and verification regime we've seen in a multilaterally negotiated agreement. stronger than the npt, stronger than the agreement we had with libya. i think those are all pluses, all things to pay attention to. >> one of the things that always raises the skeptical flag for me is when they use a catch phrase for something that's kind of
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really important. and in this case for me from the beginning that's been this snap back of sanctions. if iran screws up if iran cheats, snap back sanctions, that's possible? >> you know i'm glad you asked that because i was wondering about that, too. we didn't see any details until today's document. i'm not through all of it. but a good piece of the way through, and i thought you know, china and russia are not going to agree to that but it looks like they might have, in fact, agreed to that. i also think that we absolutely have to guard against cheating. iran has cheated in the past, but it would be odd for them to open themselves up in an unprecedented way and then cheat. you know if they were going to cheat, this would have been the time to do it before an agreement doubles the number of inspectors increases their mandate. i think it's a pretty tight agreement when it comes to verification. they may try but we will see that. we will catch them when they do. >> it limits their research and development and you talk of one
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segment of this as the sleeper. >> yeah. no one is talking about this, especially if you're worried less about breakouts and breakout is incredibly rare. only one country in 70 years. you go and you build covert facility that's tougher to deal with but better if you have good transparency transparency. what does this agreement have? a dedicated procurement channel. we are going to get on the ground and have data on imports and exports. we can see if something is ordered and it doesn't show up at the plant like it's supposed to. i think that's very powerful and as far as i know unprecedented. >> what do you say to people who are really good americans who are very concerned because they've heard the likes of lindsey graham and benjamin netanyahu today talking like this is the end of the world? what do you say to those people who have genuine concern? >> sure. first of all, those genuine concerns are legitimate. iran does engage in terrorism. it does support assad and syria. we're on the other side of that.
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we have big differences and it's caused us problems over the decades. but i think the end of the day if you don't like iran and you don't like what they're doing is it better to have an iran with nuclear weapons or without nuclear weapons? an iran that does terrorism and has nuclear weapons or an iran that doesn't? and i think the answer is pretty clear there. now benjamin netanyahu is his own guy, right, and he gave this speech a year and a half ago. he gave exactly the same speech when they announced the joint plan of ak. it's the worst thing ever. it's hitler. it's munich. a year and a half later he's endorsed the joint plan of action. i pay more attention to israeli intel people. the head of assad said iran has capitulated and the israeli military says as they project things look pretty good for them. i'm going to go with the israeli military. >> jim walsh good to talk to you and hear from you. as you might imagine the reaction coming in from congress and elsewhere, the nuclear deal.
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the lawmakers in congress are falling just about where you think they might. they'll get to vote on it of course. republicans sounding off against this agreement. some democrats, look, i have to know the details before i can really come out. house speaker john boehner says based on what he knows, the agreement is unacceptable and will allow iran to build a weapon. harry reid says the deal is historic and the results of years of hard work. he's calling for congress to take a level-headed approach to reviewing the agreement. mike emanuel watches the hill for us. so congress is doing what congress does. now it has 60 days. how does this work? >> reporter: that's right, shep. the house and senate will vote some time in september. it takes a simple majority to reject the deal then the president would veto and then the house and the senate would both need a two-thirds majority to override the veto. that is a high threshold to reach the moments ago the senate foreign relations chairman says this is serious business. >> those who believe that this
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truly is going to keep iran from getting a nuclear weapon will vote for it. those who believe that that is not the case and the world is not going to be safer and in some ways it may pave the way for them to get a nuclear weapon will vote against it. that's our responsibility. >> and either way lawmakers will get two months to think about it, to read this deal and ultimately to think about how they will vote, shep. >> is there a consensus from democrats yet? not really right? >> reporter: some were cautious about it. others worried about israel's security. you have bob menendez saying something pretty tough, quote, the bottom line is the deal doesn't end iran's nuclear program. it preserves it. other democrats are taking a more cautious approach. >> i don't think you're going to see a unanimity in the country of iran on this agreement either. what we're looking for is something that from our
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perspective, of the civilized community around the world that this moves this forward in trying to halt that nuclear proliferation. >> reporter: tomorrow morning first thing vice president joe biden will be here on capitol hill trying to sell the deal to house democrats. shep? >> thank you. the iran deal may be the best of some difficult options according to nick byrnes. he knows what he's talking about, too. he was the chief u.n. negotiator on iran's nuclear program and today he testified before the congress. >> this was a real world negotiation where we received some benefit the freezing of their program for ten years, but that program is not being entirely dismantled and we have to understand that. >> nicholas burns will join us for a look at the compromises that washington had to make and what he says about the odds of iran cheating on this deal, plus, what every member of congress has to look at, the one thing before making the decision next on a historic day from the fox news deck. if you're watching us in paris happy bastille day.
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will not confirm whether the building came down completely or just parts of it. at any rate the mta, the transit authority here in new york city says there are subway delays as a result of this. so this is just the beginning, a part of a building has collapsed. we don't know all the details. cameras aren't on scene yet. we're getting things from twitter and social media. the new agreement with iran gives the united states the chance to rein in tehran's nuclear program diplomatically and peacefully but it is not a perfect deal. that's the testimony today from none other than the ambassador nicholas burns who served on iran's nuclear program until 2008. he told congress the agreement came from real world negotiations and includes some painful tradeoffs. ambassador burns joins us now. i've seen you everywhere over the last couple of days. hopefully there's sleep ahead. what did we give up here? what would we rather have been different? >> shep, i think this was a set of very difficult tradeoffs we
12:18 pm
had to make. as you know i believe this is worth pursuing. i support what the president is doing. we'll freeze their program for the next ten years. there won't be very likely one. the inspection regime here is where i think congress will ask a lot of questions, is it -- is the line of sight clear enough for the international atomic energy agency to be able to detect if iran cheats? and i think there's a fair possibility iran will. will we be able to reimpose sanctions? will the russians and chinese support us? i have questions about that should iran cheat and we have to do that. i also think you're going to have to wonder whether the iranian regime i entirely honor this agreement because there's a hard edge to that regime, the revolutionary guard and the supreme leader. those are the areas you're going to have to watch compliance but in the main i think this is in our interest to go forward and implement this agreement. besides politics, if it's something other than politics, explain to me why so many voices i hear today say this is
12:19 pm
essentially the end of the world, this iran will now have a nuclear weapon and that war is upon us. >> well there's an assuming out there that some people have that iran is s irrational regime waiting to destroy the united states or israel. i spent a lot of my career trying to thwart the iranians but i think they're rational. we're a lot stronger than they are. if we can stand up to them with a strong deterrent by strengthening our relationship with israel and also strengthening our military commitment to the gulf states including saudi arabia we can contain iranian power in the middle east certainly keep iran away from israel and certainly from the united states. it depends on how you see the motivation of this regime. i see them as an extraordinarily difficult regime but one in the end that is highly irration. it will respond to power if you push back. >> your assertion has been
12:20 pm
throughout, mr. ambassador, the iranians needed this more than we needed it. is that still your belief? >> it is still my belief. the sanctions that were universal in iran were choking their economy. >> the plutonium program in a deep freeze for the next ten years. as jim walsh said on your show just a minute ago, they're only going to have 300 kilograms of uranium, not even weapons grade. they're not going to have a path to a nuclear weapon. shep, i think what members of congress have to keep in mind as well as the american public what's the alternative? if we had walked away from this deal, i think the sanctions regime on iran would have dissolved. the unity of the world led by the united states would also have dissipated and iran wouldn't have any constraints. but right now they're going to be under heavy constraints.
12:21 pm
i think on balance that's a better deal for the united states. >> part of the deal that's in place now and will remain so until this thing comes along is the freezing of a bun of iranian money. more than $100 billion of their dollars frozen. that becomes frozen. are you telling me they're not going to use that to push terrorism around that part of the world? >> i think this is a really difficult tradeoff. no, i think some of that money will go to rebuild a very ill iranian economy, some will go to fund the revolutionary guard running guns to nefarious terrorist groups in the middle east. i think that's true. the higher goal here and the one that president obama focused on was to stop an iranian nuclear weapon and we have now frozen their program for ten years. so i think that's the greater good, but i certainly acknowledge this is a very difficult tradeoff to make. >> mr. ambassador, thanks so much, and thanks for your contributions. we appreciate it. >> thank you. i promised you more on the breaking news out of brooklyn and now we have it. here in the big city the building collapse is before us.
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they're zoomed in right now on a part of the scaffolding out front, but we don't believe anybody was inside this building. this is bed-stuy neighborhood of brooklyn and we'll go back for a live report in just a moment. this is breaking news on fox news channel right after this. did you know that meeting your daily protein needs actually helps to support your muscle health? boost® high protein nutritional drink can help you get the protein you need. each serving has 15 grams of protein to help maintain muscle, plus 26 vitamins and minerals including calcium and vitamin d to support strong bones. boost® high protein is the #1 selling high protein
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♪ continuing coverage of breaking news out of bed-stuy, brooklyn brooklyn, new york. you look at manhattan and just over to the right of the tip in bed-stuy, firefighters are out in force. you can see from the motions and activities of firefighters here there's not a lot happening. the building has collapsed. we're told one passerby was hurt. this is right at tomkins avenue as you can see in bed-stuy. and really they're all pretty chill. it takes a lot to knock a new yorker off.
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nobody killed here. one minor injury. first, though more on the nuclear deal and inside iran people are finally taking to the streets to celebrate. the vast majority of iranians are under the age of 30 and the vast majority of those, according to polls, want things to get better with the rest of the world. the streets have been empty in the hours after the announcement. temperatures have been hitting triple digits fahrenheit many people fasting for the holy month of ramadan. the deal opens up billions and billions of dollars for iran which could improve the nation's economy in a big way and the lives of millions of iranians. the associated press reports minutes after the announcement of the deal, people started texting each other good-bye and hello mcdonald's. that sounded like someone was punking me here but it's true.
12:27 pm
what are iran's leaders saying about the deal? >> iran's foreign minister and the lead negotiator in the deal says he believes this is a historic moment even as he acknowledged the agreement isn't perfect. iran's president took a shot at israel for failing to stop the negotiations. >> translator: the occupying zionist regime's useless attempts over the past 23 months have failed. >> president rowhani spoke after obama watching his live address on state tv. it was only the second time the u.s. president has ever been shown live in a broadcast there. if you remember last friday people were burning the u.s. flag and chanting down with america. today iran's president credited iran's people for their opposition which he says brought the other side to the negotiating table. today shep the tone was quite
12:28 pm
different. there were the small celebrations that broke out right after the deal was announced and of course bigger parties were expected after the breaking of the ramadan fast. iranians were honking their car horns flashing victory signs in celebration. many have been following these talks over the past month. hard-liners expressing doubt about the deal. they may be split and many hopeful that a better economy may be on its way now that the sanctions are lifted. >> thank you. of course hundreds and hundreds of our presidential candidates are weighing in today. you know what i mean. there's a lot of them. you probably don't need us to tell you what they've been saying but we'll have you do it. you're bored otherwise. >> former secretary of state hillary clinton responded this is an important step in putting a lid on iran's nuclear program. this is an agreement that will need to be enforced vigorously
12:29 pm
and relentlessly. many of their republican presidential candidates are weighing in. we took the top four from the polling average starting off here with jeb bush. he says the nuclear agreement announced by the obama administration today is a dangerous deeply flawed and short-sighted deal. donald trump says the u.s. has incompetent leaders and even more incompetent dwoeshts. scott walker tweeting instead of making the world safer this iran deal will likely lead to a nuclear arms race in the world's most dangerous region. florida senator marco rubio tweeting president obama has consistently negotiated from a position of weakness giving concessions to a regime that has american blood on its hands. >> and saudi arabia just weighed in. they stressed the importance of being able to prove exactly what the iranians are doing and more from saudi arabia no doubt. thank you. much more on the warning that a deal with iran could fuel a
12:30 pm
nuclear arms race in the middle east. we haven't gotten to that yet. we will have reaction from the white house on that. plus, a police captain's son arrested in connection with a terror plot appearing in court minutes from now. and the feds say the suspect had planned to set off explosives and shoot up a school. as we approach the bottom of the hour and the top of the news, this is fox news channel.
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♪ we all feel the calling to build
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something great. ♪ mid commercial news from the fox news desk. the mall where terrorists unleashed a massacre killing more than 60 people will reopen this week for the first time since the attack in 2013. that according to officials in kenya's capital city of nairobi. al shabab claimed responsibility for the eye tack. here in the united states the percentage of homes in the foreclosure process is lower than it was before the great recession. that's according to analysts at core logic. they credit the millions of jobs our economy added saying more americans have kept up with mortgage payments.
12:33 pm
and dash cam video shows an officer pulling over a woman when he discovers that she is choking reportedly on a biscuit. happened sunday in austin texas. the officer gave her the heim lynn man heimlich maneuver. crews took her to the hospital. said to be doing better now post biscuit.
12:34 pm
12:35 pm
the son of a boston police captain set to appear in court any minute now after the feds say he planned to set off explosives and gun down students eating lunch at a university cafeteria. they say he wanted to live stream the thing on the internet in a show of support for the islamic state. law enforcement officials tell the associated press the suspect's father alerted feds telling them his son had a history of mental illness and that he, quote, had become obsessed with islam, unquote. the captain is a 27-year veteran of the boston police department. and police say he was working the day of the boston marathon bombings more than two years
12:36 pm
ago. that attack involved pressure cookers according to the fbi agents watched the police captain's son buy a similar pressure cooker at a walmart earlier this month. the fbi reports the suspect told the informant, and i quote, you get the rifles. i'll get the powder. as we reported here yesterday the feds say that they arrested the suspect on the fourth of july after he bought four guns from that informant. we reached out to the suspect's attorney and haven't heard back. bill gavin, good to see you again. >> thank you shep. >> these things you know dads worried about a son who has mental problems. >> correct. >> then they set up this whole elaborate thing and do the work for the guy. i don't know how to process this. >> i guess probably the first thing is it's entrapment. the thing of it is though that with this young man, he had the propensity to commit this crime. he articulated that to his dad and luckily his dad did what he
12:37 pm
did. he did the right thing in bringing it forward. bottom line is this individual the young man, alex went out and bought the pressure cooker on his own. he wasn't stimulated to do that. really in order to get him off the street that's not enough to arrest him but to get him off the street he ordered these weapons the long barreled guns and that was enough to get him off the street. >> you get the guns we'll get the powder that did it. >> and the reason that did it is because right at that particular point in time he had the ability to do something dangerous and we knew it and so they had to take him off the street. >> is he going to get help? >> i hope so. maybe his father coming forward and talking about his past problems with mental illness. anybody who does something like this anyway probably needs help to a varying degree but with him, he probably needs some really serious help. >> one thing we know a lot of people need serious help. we don't treat -- we admit to ourselves as a society we're not
12:38 pm
good at treating mental illness. >> correct. >> mainly they end up in jail sadly and that's not a good place for treatment. we're stuck in a position those are the ones isis is recruiting in large part a detailed "new york times" piece from a west coast incident how are we going to stop isis from getting to our mentally ill? what a mess? >> it is a mess. i think in this particular case what may very well happy is that the help that he needs mentally will come to him through the court system because they'll go to prosecute him and someone will declare him mentally incompetent to stand trial. >> if isis gets ahold of someone who is mentally ill on the internet, there's a better way. we can help you. all you need to do is go out and blow something up that's a hard person to catch in advance, if your father is not a 27-year veteran of the boston police department. thank god for him. >> unless his father stepped forward this might very well have taken its course and
12:39 pm
somebody might have gotten hurt and, even worse, killed in the situation. >> are they working on ways to find out who the vulnerable are within our society to get to them before isis does or is that too much? >> i think the approach is in a number of different directions looking at who may be next. it's very difficult now, as you well know with the ability to overhear some things. we try very hard to look at all it. it's not just a unidirectional approach, who is talking or who is online it's what kind of people are online what's their problem? >> i hear our leader telling us it's going to happen. >> it's a matter of time shep and that's a shame. >> it is. a lot of people working mighty hard to stop it. >> yes, they are. >> bill gavin, thanks so much. >> my pleasure. >> a man trying to ambush and kill a police sergeant. cops in st. louis say a vehicle carrying four people pulled up to a cop car before one gunman got out, opened fire unloaded at least a dozen bullets into the windshield. it happened overnight in a very
12:40 pm
upscale part of the city as it's been described to me. the chief of police there says that the officer fired back and may have wounded one of the people in the car before they sped off. the police chief there also said that the officer did not confront the suspect before the attack. he said the cop was wearing body armor, thankfully and that doctors do expect him to survive. a fox urgent now, and a rescue under way as the cab of a tractor-trailer dangles from a bridge. would you look at this. this is just outside detroit accord inging to the reporting of the abc station there. our network news affiliate wzyz -- check that please in the booth -- emergency crews are trying to get to the driver inside that cab. it's wxyz-tv there hanging dangerously off the side of the overpass for quite some time. we do not know how the truck crashed and ended up in that position. obviously causing traffic nightmares on the bridge and the interstate beneath.
12:41 pm
that's i-94 there as the semi hangs overhead. rescue crews are trying to reach the truck driver as he dangles over the bridge and our thanks to the abc station there for their help. more as it comes in. a 16-year-old girl survived a plane crash and more than two days hiking through the wilderness to find help. so the little girl is in a plane crash and then she starts walking to look for help for herself. a sheriff tells abc news the girl is kind of like a superhero. so she wasn't flying the plane alone. she's up there with others who are no longer with us, and she's wandering for two days in the wilderness. how in the world does this happen? >> yes well this is autumn veatch flying with her step-grandparents, they were on a plane flying on saturday from montana to lynden, washington, when, unfortunately, their plane went down in the north cascade mountains. this is sort of what the scenery
12:42 pm
there looks like. she told authorities that they suddenly flew into dense clouds and that the mountains were quickly in front of them. they were too low, hit some trees and the plane caught fire. she tried to pull her step-grandparents out but she was unable to. she told her father that she stayed there with them with the remains of the plane, for about a day and then she found a creek to walk down the creek until she found a trail, followed the trail until she found a highway and then flagged down a motorist who then drove her -- >> how old is she? >> 16. >> okay. >> just finished her sophomore year. the driver drove her to a place 30 miles away. they got to a store and employees were able to call 911. she told them she had been in a plane crash. they sent an ambulance. the ambulance came and picked her up. she was okay except for some burns on her hands and a lot of bruises and obviously very shaken up.
12:43 pm
her father was able to pick her up from the hospital. she had to stay there for some dehydration dehydration. it was really an incredible story but very sad about the grandparents. they're still looking for the crash site. they're hoping that with her description they'll be able to find it and that will give the family some closure and they're all just very very happy to have autumn back. >> this script wouldn't sell. you couldn't sell this in hollywood. >> actually she said watching the show "survivor" she said she was kind of joking with her dad they used to love to watch that show together and apparently she used some of the tips for getting through the very dense forest, very low temperatures too according to authorities they were all impressed. >> it's a "dateline" survival story. thank you, lillian. well, a multimillion-dollar reward is at stake as investigators search for the mexican drug lord who busted out of prison again and it comes as we learned the u.s. may have warned mexico about plans to
12:44 pm
free el shorty plans that started almost exactly as he entered the prison. so how much money do you have to pay to keep up with a billionaire? plans to get him back behind bars next.
12:45 pm
12:46 pm
12:47 pm
just got this the president will hold a news conference in the morning. the press corps on air force one had a little gaggle with the folks up there and they said yep, news conference tomorrow morning. you can ask the president all the questions you want about this new deal with iran. of course fox news channel will have live coverage. we don't know exactly what time in the morning but we know it will be in the east room. that's tomorrow morning live coverage. presidential news conference. ed henry will ask questions here on fnc. the mexican government is offering a $3.8 million reward for the notorious drug trafficker who busted out of prison for the second time. he goes by the name of el chapo, spanish for shorty. investigators say he escaped on saturday using a very sophisticated tunnel beneath a maximum security prison in mexico. they removed tons and tons as
12:48 pm
many as 300 tons of dirt to make that tunnel. they say they searched highway and border checkpoints and closed an international airport near the prison but no sign of the kingpin, of the sinaloa cartel. they fired three prison officials including the director of the facility where el chapo escaped. meantime, the associated press reports u.s. investigators warned mexican officials, warned them, that relatives and cartel members had started plotting to free el chapo just one month after his capture last year. but the mexican government official denies it. and as the search continues, el chapo may be communicating on twitter on an account that one of his sons reportedly runs. one tweet reads wits are better than strength and that has worked for me. chief correspondent jonathan hunt with more on this. seems to be very little doubt that he got help from inside the prison. >> reporter: certainly the mexican interior minister seems
12:49 pm
to think so shep saying there is a strong likelihood prison officials were in his heard, complicit in the escape. now that prison was being guarded today by troops which would seem to be a classic case of shutting the barn door after the horse has bolted. more than 30 prison officials have been questioned and investigators are continuing to study that elaborate tunnel that led right into guzman's prison shower, a tunnel experts say would have taken at least a year to build. but despite that obvious evidence of planning the interior minister insists the mexican authorities had no prior indications of any escape plans given to them by u.s. authorities such as the dea or anyone else for that matter, shep. >> this guy has a lot of money, a lot of power. no doubt he'll have a lot of help outside. >> reporter: yes. certainly seems to be getting it already. if the photograph that we are now seeing are indeed genuine, a blog that is allegedly hosted by guzman's son published these
12:50 pm
pictures of the kingpin apparently post escape one of them showing him in an aircraft. we can't independently verify where and when they were taken or show guzman. as to where he is there are two main possibilities according to the experts, the most likely being in a remote corner of his home state sinaloa, an area known as the golden triangle where his power would make it almost certain no one would dare speak a word to mexican authorities experts say he may have flown to guatemala, the place where he's hidden from the authorities before but, frankly, shep, no one knows for sure. this, after all, is a man with great power, a global network of criminal contacts and almost limitless funds. >> jonathan hunt in los angeles, thank you. the news continues right after this. ay so i adopted him. when my back pain flared up, we both felt it. i tried tylenol but it was 6 pills a day. with aleve it's just two pills, all day. now i'm back! aleve. all
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the prime minister of greece is trying to sell his country's new bailout deal with europe. even ooze critics of his parents say he's given up on his promise to curb austerity. we've gotten word the nation's finance ministers have submitted a draft bill to parliament in order to start talks on the country's third bailout. and that new round of tough budget cuts that would have to take place. analysts say talks will likely take about a month and will start only if parliament agrees by tomorrow to the euro zone's demands. they include pension cuts and tax hikes. in a nation where locals say the tax evasion is a way of life. greek officials are pledging to crack down on that practice. experts say tax evasion cost the government billions of euros every year. six minutes before 10:00 at night in france now where they've beefed up security as people across the country celebrate besteel day. check out the french air force
12:55 pm
jets releasing red white and blue smoke in paris. the annual parade marks the start of the french revolution in 1789. the french president appeared. you can see the men with guns today the parade includes anti-terror forces after a string of attacks in france. here is a brigade of tanks rolling down the road. 100 military planes and helicopters took part as well. here is a picture of fighting men in white and have baseball pants on. parachute troops also had a role in this thing. here's a boy riding with a boy in camo.
12:56 pm
presumably a french boy. we'll be back to a nod on this day in history and a look back at a famous gun fight that took down a notorious criminal. >> what is this? if you're the guy from the operation game, you get operated on. it's what you do. (buzz!) if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance you switch to geico. it's what you do.
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smash it! make the call and ask your doctor if jublia is right for you. new larger size now available. four inmates escaped from a jail in mississippi. two of the prisoners with still on the run. it happened yesterday in raymond, mississippi. officials say they nabbed two of the prisoners in jackson. and that one of them was hiding inside a baseball dugout at a park. on this day in 1881. a sheriff shot and killed billy the kid. the famous out law had murder more than a dozen people by the time he was 18 years old. he escaped from prison days before. office officials were set to hang him. the sheriff tracked him to a ranch in new mexico. hid in a bedroom and shot billy the kid right in the chest. and johnny law finally caught up to the most wanted man in the
1:00 pm
west 134 years ago today. when news breaks out we'll break in. breaking news changes everything on the fox news channel. the dow is on a tear. we're up 75. neil cavuto up now with stuart varney. see you later. what a stunning historic mistake? >> it would be irresponsible to walk away from this deal. >> this is a bad deal for america. a bad deal for iran's neighbors in the middle east. and a bad deal for the world. >> this is an important step in putting the lid on iran's nuclear program. >> it doesn't look like a very good deal. >> if we don't have the agreement, then you will have a nuclear arms race. >> if we don't stop this deal, you created a nuclear arms race. >> as the debate grows, over here consider who is happy over there. welcome, everyone. i'm stuart